Innovation in daily life

innovation known as one of the simple word but one of the hardest thing to understand and also to do. because innovation means, to discover something new or we could say, a new way to do or to create something with more positive advantage, such as more faster, more creative, better, and so many other things. for example, nowadays people didn’t use a floppy disk to save data, like what most people do not so long time ago. why? it’s because that right now people need a more or bigger memory space to save the data such as a CD (700mb), Flash Disk (250mb-14gb), and also hard disk(150gb-1tb). this shown that innovation make people life get’s easier, but if there isn’t anything that could called as the innovation. maybe right now we only could live in the rock, and we will be naked anytime, and we also couldn’t speak clearly to each other. so innovation is really important to every one, because life will so feel different if there aren’t things that could called as Innovation


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